• Revolutionise
    your conventional poster


Revolutionise the poster management of your scientific event

Poster exhibition & Self-study

Our high-end terminals are especially designed for the self-study of individual posters and to gain an overview of all ePosters. This allows you to take your time to study selected posters without limitations.

Guided poster sessions

The innovative software enables you to co-ordinate special viewing options for both the speaker and the audience. By means of a swivel arm and an attached microphone you are able to create a complete presentation terminal for guided poster sessions.

In Action

Experience the diversity of our terminals in the following trailer


Discover your various possibilities

The revolution

Experience scientifically complex elaborations paperless on our high-tech terminals.

No Limits

No matter how many posters – each and every poster is available on all terminals at all the time.

Interactive communication

Modern and individual programming allows great flexibility: sending files or questions is possible, as well as the incorporation of video messages or digital evaluation.

Extreme high-definition

Submit your ePoster with a 4k resolution and benefit from the 250% zoom – regardless of portrait or landscape format.

Corrections in real-time

Make last-minute changes to your poster even during the event.

Compact design

Reduze the required space for your poster exhibition to a minimum and benefit from the small floor space of under 2sqm needed for ePoster terminals.


Experience the advantage of progress


High-tech terminals provide your event with a modern ambience giving full access to all posters in a minimal space.


As the terminals require less exhibition space, the possible locations for your event increase significantly.


The use of ePosters is ressource-conserving for both the environment and your budget.


Regarding our environment ePosters are of a clear advantage

Paper Savings

Significantly reduce the paperwork of your event and take the pressure off your poster authors with logistical and financial expense.

Toner Savings

Chemical toner, ink, dyeand bleach are all a great burden for our environment.


While classic posters are generally hung up just once, ePosters can still be accessed and viewed long after your event.

ISO A0 Posters
Toner Cartridges

Selected references

Well developed and approved: our terminals have accompanied many events

9th World Congress of the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (ISPRM) 2015

• 90 guided poster sessions
• 1084 posters
• 10 large terminals
• 9 small terminals

German Spine Society (DWG) Annual meetings since 2012

• Up to 14 guided poster sessions
• Up to 10 topics for self-study
• 100-150 posters annually
• 2-3 large terminals
• 8-10 small terminals

European Congress of Trauma & Emergency Surgery (ECTES) since 2019

• 60 guided poster sessions
• 19 topics for self-study
• 650 posters
• 11 large terminals • 10 small terminals

Annual meetings of GNPI & DGPI since 2019

• 16 guided poster sessions
• 19 topics for self-study
• 310 posters
• 8 large terminals
• 9 small terminals

European Congress of NeuroRehabilitation (ECNR) since 2019

• 6 guided poster sessions
• 11 topics for self-study
• 250 posters
• 7 large terminals
• 6 small terminals

Annual meetings of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Perinatale Medizin (DGPM) since 2019

• 17 guided poster sessions
• 14 topics for self-study
• 200 posters
• 9 large terminals
• 6 small terminals